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[There's been a lot on Baiken's mind lately. Between the experiment a while ago and running into people she had actually heard of in her own world before, she's starting to wonder if maybe this place does serve a purpose. And so, once the sun has gone down so that she can't risk her reputation too much, she heads out towards the library. It's time to see what she can learn about her homeland, since so much of its history had been lost back home.

But let's face it, she's not much a reader, and it's damn hot today anyway, so she gives up not too long afterward and heads for the bar to mull over her thoughts.

Eventually, her voice gruff as ever but quieter than usual, she'll pose a question to Luceti:]

How many of you people here came from Japan?

[Pause. She's already regretting opening up enough to ask the first part, but there's more she has to know.] ...And what was it like where you came from?
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[Today, Baiken is out training near the barracks. Bad weather be damned, it's actually something of a better opportunity to hone her skills, since poor conditions are a good thing to be ready for.

...It isn't until her spiked mace gets struck by lightning mid-throw that she decides maybe it's about time to head home.

But she's sopping wet, and looking something like a drowned rat, and all she owns is her tattered old kimono. It's finally time: Time for her to get a new kimono. Too bad Anji isn't around to force this chore off on.

Later in the afternoon, Baiken can be spotted looking incredibly out-of-place and irritated about it in the clothes shop. Trying to find something more suited to her tastes is near impossible, after all. Just needs to be basic, not too girly, something she can move around freely in... Why is this so damned hard? After that, she'll just stroll through the rain lazily, back to her apartment, to dry off.

It's only then that she opens the journal to ask about something that's been on her mind since the morning.]


Oi. Anybody spots an old mace somewhere around the barracks, let me know. Lost it earlier.

...Might not be there at all, but I'd appreciate if anyone finds it.
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Are all of you done acting like complete idiots yet, or is this crap gonna keep going for a while? All this lovestruck bullshit is getting old fast.

S'like a really bad Noh play around here... [And, more or less grumbling to herself without realizing the journal hasn't cut off yet:] Should probably just hole up in the Battle Dome and keep my damn katana from going dull rather than listen to all this anyway.

[Once she's done griping, Baiken will just go and head outside. And probably try to find somewhere quiet and away from all the romance floating around in the air. Because seriously, she feels like she's going to catch cooties from everyone else at this rate.

Which is probably a pretty accurate prediction...]

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[Now that Baiken has had the time to recover, both physically and from a severely bruised ego, she's out for revenge. As per usual. The only tricky thing? She has no idea what the hell the name of her foe is. It's rare that something like that stops her, though.

So here's a vaguely-worded challenge, Luceti.]

Alright. Which one of you bastards was the one on the power trip a couple weeks ago? 'Bout time I paid you back a favor.

And it ain't gonna be as easy as kicking around a little kid this time.
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[After spending almost the entire two weeks of the experiment stuck as an oversized fuzzball, Baiken is bent on not only venting frustration, but also getting back into the swing of things in her own body. After all, she can't risk losing any of her skill in this place; you never know when an enemy will show up.

It's a damn good thing this Battle Dome is here. Not only something to do, but something to keep herself up to speed with. Although... she's pretty horrible with computers, so setting battle simulations is not her strong point.

After ending up fighting some ragged-looking wolves in varying colors for a few fights in a row (and making incredibly short work of them), she's back to trying to figure out the simulation system. So many damned buttons... Who even used this kind of shit anymore?

Grumbling under her breath, scowling at the panels, she taps her fingertips against the hilt of her katana idly. There's got to be some easier way.]

Where's the damn button for a decent fight...
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[Early this morning, there is a string of curses let loose over the journals followed by:] Not this shit again. Dammit, always at the worst fucking time...

Bastards couldn't've at least waited a week or two...

My katana better damn well be where I found it last time.

[And some time after the (accidental) journal message, an incredibly annoyed-looking Baiken comes storming into town like some miniature, disgruntled, cherry-blossom-pink hurricane. Even her wings are bristling and twitching in irritation. Pretty white dresses and Baiken do not mix. One eye narrowed dangerously, she's on a beeline towards the smithy to reclaim her weapons first and foremost. Everything else can wait.

She'll probably look a little odd after her trip to grab said weapons, as she'll be grumpily making her way towards the clothes shop, sword and a ridiculous length of chain ending with a claw held with her one arm, still barefoot and clad in the Newfeather dress. And cursing all the way, of course.

Once the whole Finding My Stuff thing is over, it's off to the bar, that's for damn sure.]

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[After having one Tease try to take a bite out of her -- and slashing it in half -- Baiken is not terribly amused. Especially since she's spent her entire life rather trusting butterflies to mean that things were going to be alright. Having Anji as a friend can do that to a person.

So here she is, angrily barking at her journal as she goes around, killing whatever Tease she runs into. Which admittedly isn't too many, at this point.]

Alright. Which one of you fuckers thought the goddamn biting butterflies would be a cute idea?
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[Now that it's done raining and done being hotter than hell, Baiken is out for an adventure. Not much of one, she's just bored out of her skull in this place and is off to try and find herself something to do.

Along one of the rivers today, she'll be attempting to fish something up. The sight ought to be at least a little interesting -- she's holding the fishing rod with her feet, for one thing. Her pipe is held loosely in her teeth, leaving her hand open in case she needs to reel something in. Her sandals are in the grass next to her and she's looking pretty comfortable.

She'll be out here most of the day, probably not catching much of anything.]
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[Perhaps not surprisingly, there is a New Feather who has found her way into town. She's pretty thoroughly soaked, still clad in nothing but the plain white dress, looking incredibly annoyed as well as lost. Her pink hair is sopping, bangs obscuring her missing eye, her matching pink wings dripping in the rain. Her right sleeve is soaked through and clinging to her body, blatantly empty. What a time to make an entrance.

Apparently too irritated to care about the rain, she's making her way through town as if she is not sopping wet and lost and barefoot. Her steps are sure and purposeful, if a little off-balance.

Somewhere in this town, she's sure she can find a replacement for her weapons. At least for her katana. And maybe some clothes. Where there's people, there's conveniences, right? Or there better damn well be, because at this rate, she might just choke the first person she sees with her bare hand.

...She could probably use some directions. At the very least. But for now, she's grumbling to herself in the rain. Because obviously, that will solve everything.]

Goddammit, what the hell is this place...
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